Extension Costs

house extension essex exterior

When it comes to figuring out the cost of your house extension, there are some ballpark figures you can use when trying to work out your budget and whether you can afford the house extension of your dreams.

As a very general rule of thumb, you will pay around £1,200-£1,500 per m2 of your finished house extension. You may have seen figures closer to £1,000 online, but these are usually outdated or based less expensive areas of the country. You should also expect to pay an additional 10-15% for professional services such as architects – the exact figure for this depends on whether or not you need to go through the process of gaining planning permission, and whether you take that on yourself or use an architect to do it. Likewise, you can shave some money off the cost of your extension by doing decorating work yourself, but this won’t make a huge impact on the final cost.

Certain extensions cost more – for example, your kitchen extension is likely to include the cost of a brand new kitchen as well, which will be more than an extension that will be turned into a home office (for example) due to the cabinets, tiling, and possible plumbing work.

If you would like a multi-storey extension, the second storey will cost around £600-750 per m2, since the foundations and changes to drainage are already included in the cost of the first storey. However, building a multi-storey extension will mean that you will almost definitely need to apply for planning permission and pay the costs associated with that.

Getting Accurate Pricing

The only way to get accurate pricing for your house extension would be to get an assessment from an experienced builder. This should include a site visit to see the work required and provide guidance. Get in touch to arrange a quote and find out how much your extension will cost.